Saturday, June 30, 2007

R.I.P Chris Benoit

As everyone has figured out by now, Our beloved favourite wwe superstar chris benoit is DEAD. He was found dead by the police at 4pm on monday the 25th of june. They found an adult male, adult female and a young male. The female (Nancy) chris's wife was found bounded and strangled first. The younger male was killed some time later, he was smothered to death. Then Chris placed a bible beside there bodies and hung himself.

The police found some steroids and they found out that chris's son daniel had a condition called fagile x sydrome. Daniel got it from chris. People say that chris killed his family cos he couldnt take it anymore and others say he killed his family because he thorught he could help them out more if they were dead. this is a very sad time for wwe, wwe superstars, chris's family and his fans.

Batista's last chance at vengeance with edge

Did anyone watch the match this past week with Batista and edge for the world heavy weight championship? I did, personally Batista is my fav wrestler on Smackdown and everyone HATES egde especailly when hes the world heavy weight champion. Im personally was disapointed that batista lost and i think it was a shit call (mine my french!) And you wonder why edge is so hated (just like mr kennedy!) I think unlike other unliked superstars like Mr Kennedy and edge other well known superstars like jeff and matt hardy, kane, john cena and batista just to name a few, get screwed over by unliked and cocky superstars and knowing that they cheated to get what they want in life or in the wwe. I know i couldnt live with myself if i cheated just to win a world heavy weight championship and if edge wanted it so bad you would of thourght he would have the heart, desire and the passion to go thru the pain just to get what he deserves like other wwe superstars past and present!

Please feel free to write your comment on this! xox

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