Sunday, July 22, 2007

WWE champ John cena won against Bobby lashley

John Cena and Bobby Lashley locked eyes on each other and nodded as our fans at the HP Pavilion stood and applauded. The Great American Bash provided the stage for one of the most anticipated WWE Championship matches in a long time, and our fans knew they had witnessed a special moment in sports-entertainment history.
And so did Cena and Lashley. Though thousands and thousands of eyes were upon them, Cena and Lashley were alone in their moment. Both were exhausted and clutching their ribs. But the only difference was that Cena still had the WWE Championship to comfort his wounds, while Lashley was empty-handed.
Not much was said between the two champions; for the most part, they communicated in a language that only two warriors could understand. Lashley gazed at the WWE Championship that was still in the sweaty hands of Cena and nodded knowingly. Before The Great American Bash, he and his loyal fans believed he was an uncrowned champion. But on this night, the better man had won and he knew it – and extended his hand.
John Cena, the WWE Champion for more than 10 months – 308 days and counting – hesitated at first, but then looked in the eyes of his opponent. Unlike other challengers to his title, Cena had no personal conflict with Lashley. They both prided themselves on fighting with honor and respect; they were both courageous and resilient. Their rivalry revolved solely around the WWE Championship. Cena looked in Lashley's eyes and saw a mirror image of himself – and shook his hand. As our fans erupted, Cena hoisted his championship up high, showing the world that The Champ was still here.
"I think what everybody saw - competitors and our fans - was the dawning of a new era in sports-entertainment," said Cena after his victory. "What you saw was onee guy with incredible athletic ability and strength and the other guy who, for lack of a better term, is the Larry Bird of the organization. He's not the prettiest shooter, but he always finds a way to win the big games. At any given point tonight, the match could have gone either way. We proved something tonight, not just to those out there watching, but hopefully to the competitors in the back. We both walked out champions."
Our fans were divided during the heated battle. Lashley’s fans, who believed he was an uncrowned champion because he never lost the ECW Championship and was stripped of that gold when he was drafted to Raw last month, chanted his name through the match. But Cena’s fans would not be outdone, as “Cena! Cena!” rumbled throughout the arena. Lashley overwhelmed Cena early in the match with his amateur wrestling skills and sheer power.
But Cena would not be denied, and showed the former Army sergeant why he has been able to hold onto the WWE Championship for 24 of the last 27 months. When Lashley charged at him in an attempt at a spear, Cena sidestepped and trapped him in an STFU. Lashley’s face turned purple as he scratched and clawed his way to get to the bottom rope. When Lashley refused to tap out, Cena slumped in amazement and held his head, wondering to himself, “What do I have to do to beat this guy?”
Moments later, that same look washed across Lashley’s face when he successfully speared Cena in his second attempt. Just before the referee was about to slap the mat for the third time, Cena was able to slip his shoulder off the mat. As our fans roared, Lashley tried to position The Champ on the top rope in an attempted superplex. But Cena surprised the former ECW Champion – and made the jaws of the crowd in the HP Pavilion drop – when he delivered a fateful FU from the top rope and fell on Lashley for the victory.
Cena hugged his WWE Championship, saluted our fans and pointed to the sky, thanking the good Lord above. Lashley walked slowly up the ramp and let Cena bask in his victory. He did not leave The Great American Bash with the WWE Championship, but he was still a champion

Rndy orton VS. Dusty Rhodes (Texas bull rope match)

The Texas Bull Rope Match was made famous by WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and for the first few minutes of his encounter with Randy Orton, “The American Dream” showed why. But in the end, The Great American Bash was a nightmare for Rhodes, as Randy Orton beat the legend at his own game in the first Texas Bull Rope Match in WWE since 2004’s Bash.
The rules of the match were simple. Both men were attached to opposite ends of a 14-foot bull rope, meaning neither man could escape very far away from his opponent. The first man to score a pinfall or submission would win, and the bull rope and cowbell attached to the rope were legal.
Before the bout, Orton looked leery of attaching himself to the end of the bull rope, and seemingly rightfully so; the match is a Rhodes specialty, and one that Orton has never been in. And in the opening minutes, “The American Dream” did what he does best, dishing out some Texas-style clubberin’ to his third-generation adversary.
Soon enough, however, Orton found a prescription for his fever: more cowbell. Orton seized and used the bull rope’s attached weapon to clobber Rhodes in his heavily taped knee, exploiting a possible weakness in the Hall of Famer.
Rhodes nearly made a comeback, even nailing Orton with his signature “Flip Flop ‘n Fly” elbow sequence, but it was once again the cowbell that was his undoing. With a mighty wallop, Orton brought the seven-pound bell crashing down across the Hall of Famer’s skull, and that was enough to gain him the winning pinfall.
But Orton wasn’t done once the bout was over. Prior to the match, the third-generation Superstar reminded our fans of how he “ended Shawn Michaels’ career,” and he tried to do the same to the “Dream.” Fortunately, Rhodes’ son Cody ran into the ring, throwing himself between his legendary father and Orton’s attempt at a vicious kick to the head.
Surprisingly, Orton showed some respect to his elder in an interview with immediately after the match.
“A year or so ago, I would’ve said I had no respect for Dusty Rhodes. But I can say now that I respect him, because he went out and faced Randy Orton. He proved to me that the old-timers…they got balls. But when it comes down to it, I’m younger, I’m better, and I did what I said I would do: beat another Legend and add another notch in my belt.”
But with that said, the third-generation Superstar also had a warning for the second generation of the Rhodes family.
“Cody Rhodes…I have a father too, and I would’ve done the same thing if my father was getting beat on. But you’re new in this business; I have seven years and a long list of people I’ve dethroned and destroyed. You can’t compare yourself to anyone in this industry. I gave you a freebie tonight, but you get no more. Next time, there will be no mercy.”
Dusty Rhodes is one of the biggest Legends in sports-entertainment history, and he gave it a valiant effort in his signature match against an opponent half his age. But at The Great American Bash, it was Randy Orton who knew the way (to the winners’ circle, at least) to San Jose.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

A fatefull Summer Night

The contest for the United States Championship at The Great American Bash promises not only to be a competitive encounter between two of WWE’s finest, young and talented Superstars, but also an intersection of fates for Matt Hardy and the champion, Montel Vontavious Porter.
If you ask MVP about his fate, he would explain that he is preordained to bear the gold around his self-affirmed deserving waist. By contrast, Hardy believes he was predestined to fight for everything he’s ever wanted, and at The Great American Bash, he intends on doing just that.
“I’ve never stopped working hard, and I’ve never been afraid to scratch and claw to be the best I can be,” said a sincere Matt Hardy. “MVP is an amazing athlete, performer and wrestler. He was that good that he could walk into WWE and become U.S. Champion within a single year,” he continued.
“I’m not the most talented guy to ever walk through the doors of WWE. I don’t stand out in any single category except for one: having heart and desire.”
Regarded by fans as one of sports-entertainment’s most passionate competitors, Hardy’s collar is unquestionably blue, whereas Porter’s is diamond-studded. Hardy has fought and worked for every single opportunity he has been afforded, whereas Montel Vontavious Porter walked into a top-dollar contract on SmackDown.
“MVP, when he came in, he was the guy who was gifted,” explained a guileless Hardy. “I was the guy who had to work for it, much like the people watching around the world who cheer for me. They work hard to achieve their goals and so do I,” he said.
“I know it’s going to be a hell of a challenge to get the title off of him, but I know it’s within me to do it, because right now, I am better than I’ve ever been.”
It took the highest-paid free agent in SmackDown history, United States Champion MVP, less than one year to claim WWE gold, compared to Hardy who has endured a decade of sweat and blood spill, ladders and personal fate twists.
Matt Hardy’s trophy case is far from barren. In addition to a wealth of World Tag Team Championships with his brother Jeff, Hardy also secured several singles titles early in his WWE career, including the Cruiserweight Championship as well as the now defunct Hardcore and European Championships. Still, despite his remarkable success over the last few years (and especially more recently on SmackDown), Hardy’s hunt for singles gold has not yet quite reached the same heights that he’s scaled in the tag team division.
That could all change for the native North Carolinian next Sunday in San Jose, Calif., when Hardy meets MVP for one of the most prestigious championships in sports-entertainment.
“When you look at major singles titles,” said the challenger, “the first things that stick out are the United States and the Intercontinental Championships. They are basically building blocks to being the World Heavyweight Champion or the WWE Champion. And those have eluded me over the course of my career. But my ultimate goal is to one day be the World Champion here, and the first natural step to that is the U.S. Title.”
The fan-favorite finally has a chance to secure the United States Championship when he faces a man who believes he is “God’s gift to the squared circle.” According to Hardy, it could be a night of ill fortune for the “half-man, half-amazing” Superstar who currently wears the gold.
“MVP is an extremely talented guy and if you don’t believe it, just ask him,” Hardy added. “We’re going to have a great match. And my ultimate goal is for MVP to suffer a very unfortunate Twist of Fate and Matt Hardy to become the new United States Champion.”

Animal Instinct?

Since being drafted to SmackDown, The Great Khali has made Friday nights his personal domain. This past week, after throwing out an open challenge, Khali attacked everyone in sight, making Jimmy Wang Yang and Eugene among others feel his massive wrath. Finally, when it looked like no one would step up to answer Khali’s challenge, one man bravely stepped through the open door and stood face-to-face with the mammoth.
That man? None other than The Animal, Batista. Our fans in Dallas cheered wildly as The Animal hit the ring to confront Khali. Batista was ready to fight then and there, but Khali’s translator pulled him away from The Animal’s path.
Batista is a man that will back down from no one, as no challenge is too big for him to accept. But why in the hell would ANYONE want to step up to face The Great Khali?
Just look at Khali’s path of destruction over the last 15 months. When he first came to WWE in April 2006, Khali’s first target was Undertaker, one of the biggest Legends in WWE. Khali dominated Undertaker like no other man ever has during that rivalry, even defeating The Deadman decisively at Judgment Day.
The mammoth soon moved on to ECW, picking up right where he left off on SmackDown. ECW Original Tommy Dreamer, who knows a thing or two about going to the extreme, was so badly beaten during one Extreme Rules Match with Khali that he wasn’t the same for weeks afterward. During another encounter, Khali viciously chokeslammed Dreamer on the steel ring steps, destroying Dreamer’s back as the sickening thud made everyone that was watching cringe.
Then it was on to Raw, where Khali tormented the likes of Kane and WWE Champion John Cena for months. Leading up to their clash at Judgment Day 2007, Khali assaulted The Champ every week on Raw for a month, leaving him beaten every time; on the Saturday Night’s Main Event prior to One Night Stand, the same thing occurred again. Cena finally mustered up and pinned Khali at One Night Stand, something no one had done until that point.
Notice a pattern? Everywhere Khali goes, destruction follows. So why WOULD anyone step up to challenge him? For The Animal, that answer may be based on any number of reasons.
First of all, Batista CAN’T compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. Thanks to his loss to Edge in the Last Chance Match at Vengeance: Night of Champions, The Animal lost the ability to challenge for the gold as long as the Rated-R Superstar holds it. So, could his acceptance of Khali’s challenge be a result of residual frustration? Khali is definitely one of the baddest men on SmackDown, so agreeing to face him could be Batista’s way of reinforcing his dominance over the brand.
Or is it perhaps the opposite, as no one wants to step up and face Batista? The Animal WAS one of the most dominant World Heavyweight Champions of all-time, and was never defeated for the title during his first reign. In fact, in the two-year span from WrestleMania 21 to WrestleMania 23, where Batista held the gold twice, only Undertaker was able to cleanly defeat him. Now that he doesn’t have the championship everyone on SmackDown covets, are those in the locker room afraid to be matched up against The Animal?
As mentioned before, Batista has never and will never back down from any challenge. This time, however, regardless of the reasons, some may wonder if he’s in over his head.
After all, The Animal has been in plenty of grueling matches before; one need only to look at his recent series of battles with Edge to see what lengths Batista is willing to go to in competition. But does he really know what he’s in for? He’s never faced a monster like Khali, who is capable of causing severe and permanent damage to anyone he faces in the ring.
So does Batista think he can defeat the mammoth? Or perhaps, more fittingly, CAN he think he has a chance to slay the giant? One thing is for sure: The Animal will have to rely on his strengths and his animal instincts to survive this battle. Hopefully, that will be enough for him to keep Khali from becoming the baddest Animal in the SmackDown jungle.

Jim Ross's Superstar of the week is JEFF HARDY!!!

Greetings from under the 200X, black Resistol hat from your barbecue lovin’ Okie, who is busier than a fruit merchant (and loving every minute of it) with the opening this week of “J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q” Restaurant in Norman, Okla. The piece written by earlier this week was awesome, and my thanks to all who made it happen. But Monday we are back at it on Raw, and we return to Corpus Christi, Texas, this week under much better circumstances than our last visit to one of Texas’ most beautiful areas.

This week our guest panel could have included Bill O’Reilly (who never managed the Masked Medics), Geraldo (another one name star akin to Charo), Nancy Grace (who was heard humming the song “Redneck Woman” recently), Hannity but not Colmes, Greta Van Susteren (if that is her real name but once considered training with the Fabulous Moolah) and Paul Goodloe of the Weather Channel (Jonathan Coachman’s alleged brother of another mother). They were all invited to provide input on this week’s Raw Superstar of the Week, but because they were all predisposed I am sailing the ship solo.

Drum roll please….this week’s Raw Superstar of the Week, who will receive dinner for two at J.R.’s Family Bar-B-Q and lovely parting gifts is…The Rainbow Haired Warrior, Jeffrey Hardy from Cameron, N.C.! Jeff is arguably one of the most popular Superstars on Raw, and it just feels like he could be a future champion at any time. Jeff is so much better in the ring (not that he was ever bad) since returning from his hiatus quite some time ago, and his in-ring style is unique just like the individual. Let’s hear it for Jeff!

John Cena was not in Lafayette, La., this past Monday for Raw (much to the chagrin of many Cena fans in the arena) as The Champ was appearing on Larry King Live (WESTVILLE…HELLO!) in Los Angeles. Rumor has it Cena got a pair of autographed Larry King suspenders while on CNN. Cena will be back live on Raw from Corpus Christi this Monday as the countdown to The Great American Bash begins in earnest, as does the countdown to Cena vs. Lashley for the WWE Title at the Bash. This match will no doubt provide some unique live audience reactions in San Jose, Calif.

Umaga welcomed Santino Marella to the ring with about as much love as Britney Spears seemingly has for her immediate family. As a mater of fact, this Intercontinental Championship blowout might have resembled a Spears family reunion down in Louisiana back in the day. Santino got a lovely consolation prize with Maria showing concern over the Italian athlete, so the night couldn’t have been a total disaster for the benefactor of the Milan Miracle.

Ok, Cade & Murdoch are a great tag team and have the same in- ring qualities of several of the great teams I have seen over the years. I like the fact that they are a basic, mat wrestling duo and not a trapeze act, BUT this business about these two being “role models” for sportsmanship is about as likely as the redneck duo going on a cruise with Rosie O’Donnell. This ain’t gonna happen, friends and neighbors. Not that there is anything wrong with Rosie “cruising.”

If the old toothpaste commercial “You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent” ever resurfaces, Snitsky is in! Snitsky went through Super Crazy like a hungry trucker at a Mexican buffet. And then, Mr. Kennedy assaulted Super Crazy like the Democrats are attacking the President’s immigration bill.

I loved the genuine passion I saw from Dusty Rhodes, who the late Ernie Ladd used to call “Dirty Rhodes,” Monday night when the WWE Hall of Famer confronted handsome young mirror worshipper Randy Orton. I hope “The Dream” knows what he is getting into at The Great American Bash, but I can assure you that Orton will take a trip (albeit perhaps a short one) to the woodshed at the Bash thanks to Dusty’s bull rope. Orton has evil intentions in store for the veteran Rhodes just as sure as Kenny Rogers’ facelift made “The Gambler” look like My Favorite Martian.

Nice match Monday between London and Benjamin, two talented young guys who should get more TV time for my money. Benjamin seems comfortable in singles matches, maybe too comfortable, sort of like John Travolta’s spooky comfort level while dressing in drag in Hairspray.

Beth Phoenix made an impressive return to WWE Monday night, and is a physical and motivated young woman. Of course, this news was overshadowed by the national media covering Brooke Hogan’s new breast implants, which seem to be all over the media this week for some reason.

Sandman has a two-game hitting streak going. Sandman compulsively needs to swing his cane about the same as Nicole Richie needs a plate full of pork ribs and a nap.

For the record: Booker T is a “King,” Triple H is the “King of Kings,” Jerry Lawler is “The King of Memphis” and WWE once produced a pay-per-view called King of the Ring. That’s just a little “Kingly” clarification for those of you keeping score at home. This also includes the New York Yankees’ A-Rod, who will forego a king-sized divorce settlement if the Bronx Bombers’ third baseman isn’t careful.

Bobby Lashley seems to be building momentum for his Bash bout for Cena’s WWE Championship. That will give some Cena haters cause for celebration…but not so fast my friends. This will be a helluva match that I am not sure Lashley will win as I write this column. Lashley CAN win, but will the former amateur great get his hand raised? Cena has and does overcome heavy odds on a regular basis, and the WWE Champion’s will to win is pretty impressive whether you like him or not. Cena has performed under great duress and pressure in his WWE career more times than Lashley has, so for some to consider Cena a significant underdog as some have speculated is a little premature.

Continue to count your many blessings and thanks for checking out my weekly column here on I also appreciate all your support with our restaurant opening which we have documented at Thanks!!


Edge's New Orleans Martigra

NEW ORLEANS – Naturally, it will be a sizzling summer night in late July for The Great American Bash, but with the Big Red Monster pursuing Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., may roast in hell’s flames.

After uttering four very strong words to the Rated-R Superstar last week on SmackDown – “I don’t like you” – Kane has the opportunity to torture the disliked champion and claim the World Heavyweight Title.

“I don’t like him. I really, really, really don’t like [Edge],” Kane reiterated, his brow lowering to forge a hostile glare. “It’s not unique amongst anybody here at WWE because nobody really likes him, but I have a special loathing for Edge because over the years, our relationship has become very personal.”

The Big Red Monster certainly demonstrated his disdain for the Rated-R Superstar on Friday Night SmackDown as he crashed the champion’s Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. Brazenly parading to the ring to the tune of “When the Saints Go Marching in,” Edge tried to overcome the mind games of his Bash opponent with a mid-ring masquerade. The party, however, soon turned to bedlam as Kane – well disguised in an oversized king suit – laid to waste a gaggle of Edge’s costumed Cajuns. The Ultimate Opportunist escaped, but will be unable to run as he draws closer to his showdown next Sunday.

Amid the many scars tattooed on the wounded body of the Big Red Monster, within the mind of the challenger lay ill memories of past encounters with the Rated-R Superstar. In 2004, the scalded fiend finally found love in the many-times-conquered Diva, Lita, and even wed the former Women’s Champion. However, Kane’s ephemeral bond with the former Diva ended, as she turned her back on her husband and ran to the opportunistically open arms of Edge.

The sordid, tangled pasts of both competitors meet their immediate futures in just more than one week at The Great American Bash. According to the Big Red Monster, his deep abhorrence for the World Heavyweight Champion will not supersede his intent to maim Edge and achieve the SmackDown brand’s golden prize.

“The match is still going to be about the World Heavyweight Championship,” explained the charred leviathan. “But, I will take pleasure in dishing out as much pain as I can along the way to winning the match and the title.”

When pain is on the mind of Kane – a man who has battled multiple times in the Elimination Chamber, competed in the morbid, foreboding contest known as the Casket Match and walked through flames in Inferno Matches – the level of the intended torture is near immeasurable. At The Bash, Edge will need to protect his title as always, but he must also be certain to prepare to enter the depths of physical torment and hope he can survive at best.

“I have so many different ideas floating around in my mind,” said the sinister seven-footer as he contemplated his methods for dissecting the Rated-R Superstar. “Whatever twisted thing pops into my mind at that particular moment, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Could the scent of sulfur and brimstone signify doom for the Ultimate Opportunist at The Great American Bash? Has Edge merely secured an opportunity to be brutalized? Can mental chess contend with physical butchery? Find out at The Great American Bash, live and only on pay-per-view.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Matches at the great american bash

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Bobby Lashley
World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. Kane
ECW World Champion Johnny Nitro vs. CM Punk
Women's Champion Candice Michelle vs. Melina
Dusty Rhodes vs. Randy Orton (Texas Bull Rope Match)
United States Champion MVP vs. Matt Hardy
Batista vs. The Great Khali

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Candice Michelles Blog off WWE.COM

I am excited to write my first blog as the new WWE Women’s Champion. This has been a true underdog story, and a new chapter has just begun.
Going into the Vengeance match, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I had many "giants" to face. I faced Melina’s training history. I faced everyone saying that I would never be a contender in the ring — just eye candy. I faced peer pressure, long-held wrestling traditions and my own self-worth as a wrestler.
I decided a few months ago in my heart of hearts that going for my wrestling dreams and winning the championship was what I wanted. I dedicated everything to getting ready for my match at Vengeance! One thing I knew, going into this match I was ready to give everything I had. I was not going to let myself down. On my days off I did everything I could to prepare in the ring so I could take everything I learned into this match.
Going into Vengeance to face my "giants," I was no longer scared. I was ready to look every one of them in the eye, knowing I was ready. I was mentally prepared, physically trained and prayers made me ready to do battle. I knew that at this Night of Champions, one way or another I was going to be victorious.
The moment that I won the gold, so many feelings poured out of me (literally). I felt proud, was excited, shocked and had tears of joy. This was the first time I held the title, and it was due to hard work and dedication. I fought with all I had, and to be victorious gives me chills as I write this. When my hand was raised and the championship was handed to me — my hands began to tremble. (All I could think was, “Please don’t drop it! Hehe.”) Since my career began in WWE as a contestant in the Diva Search contest (where I didn’t even make it through the top 20) to winning the title, it has truly been a dream come true. When I was offered a spot in the WWE, I knew this is where my dreams lay. Almost three years later, I am now living my dream. (Big smile on my face! :)) I had no idea how hard this would be, but I have only begun to show you what I have to offer. To be able to crumble the "giants" I faced was history in the making.
This week at WWE, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, and I have faced "giants" on many levels. I have realized I don’t need to face these "giants" alone: God is ready to do battle with me. I can only imagine the "giants" that I will have to face now that I am champion. But, I will not back down I will stand up and fight and I will face the giants head on!!!!!! So if you’re not ready to bring it, bounce ‘cause I’m bringing it. Who will go mano a mano conmigo?!? (Give me your best shot!) To the fans, thanks for your support, and I will bring my heart to the table for you, that’s my promise!
The champ,
Candice Michelle xxx

WWE tag team champs Lance cade N Trevor murdoch

The fact that Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch are World Tag Team Champions is not a fluke. That thought was put to rest at Vengeance: Night of Champions when they defeated the Hardys for the second straight time to retain their gold.
The previous time the two teams met with the tag team championship on the line, the Hardys had competed in an exhausting Ladder Match less than 24 hours earlier. Many of our fans were crying foul and labeled the new champions illegitimate title holders.
Now that argument is no longer relevant. But has it been Cade & Murdoch’s new sportsmanship kick that’s given them the edge? Has competing within the legal parameters of WWE’s officiating made them focus more on their acquired in-ring skills and less on finding ways to cheat to win?
“No… the difference is that everybody’s paying attention to Cade & Murdoch now – bottom line,” said Murdoch, his net hat skewed to the side and his wiry sideburns sprouting off his cheeks like Amazon brush. “We’ve always been good. As a matter of fact, we’ve always been the best – it’s just taken a while longer for us to get noticed.”
But getting noticed hasn’t been an easy task for these two Superstars. On in mid-April, the duo harangued their critics in an anger-filled diatribe. Cade said it then – “We’re the best tag team in the business.” Now that he’s proven that statement true and been doing it without diverting from the rules – for the most part – it’s time to keep beating people up, which in turn, shuts their critics’ mouths.
“We’ve been playing by the rules, which makes people skeptical of us, and that’s fine,” said an unusually composed Cade. “We’re still going to do whatever it takes to win and keep the tag team championship, whether or not people refer to us as ‘fake sportsmen.’ We’re going to do whatever we have to do to ensure that these titles stay in our possession.”
Discrediting Cade & Murdoch’s newfound sportsmanship, some may say it’s easy to pass judgment on them. It’s usually thrown out in conversation involving the two without taking into account the amount of time they spend together to discuss strategy, train and ultimately, dissect what works and what needs tweaking in their dynamic.
“We are best friends; we ride together; we drive together; we stay together on the road; we work out together; we eat together,” said Cade. “That’s why our chemistry, our psychology is better than anyone else’s and that’s why we’re champions.”
Not many tag teams out there can honestly claim to possess the same type of relationship. The obsession with becoming – and staying – champions puts these two with each other more than they are with their families. Whether you like them or hate them (the latter obviously being the easiest), it’s hard to deny Cade & Murdoch have earned their keep in WWE.
Now the question shifts – when other teams begin to zero in on their titles, will their willingness to abide by the rules be the first thing Cade & Murdoch abandon?
“Who cares what anyone has to say?” uttered Murdoch. “We’re champions and we’re going to stay champions. You don’t like it? Too bad, get used to it.”

WWE Diva Kristal talk with Transsformers star Tyrese Gibson

When sensual SmackDown Diva Kristal isn’t pampering herself at the spa with the other sexy Divas or spending time with fiancĂ©, SmackDown GM Theodore Long, she enjoys interviewing others.
Even though the gorgeous Diva enjoys talking to other fine celebrities, she felt especially honored to have the opportunity to interview multi-talented actor and recording artist-songwriter, Tyrese Gibson.
The suave Transformers heartthrob was also pleased to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to Kristal. Just one day before the Fourth of July, Tyrese left her breathless:

Kristal: So, what’s going on with you lately? You have this new movie coming out,Transformers, where you’ve brought the old Transformers cartoon to life. What was it like working on the film?
Tyrese: It was lovely. I’ve never experienced anything like this. It was a whole lot of energy. If you know anything about Michael Bay, he’s known for being a very difficult person to work with as far as a director…
Kristal: Uh oh… [laughs]
Tyrese: But when I actually got to the set, to actually experience everything for myself, I understood it then. He’s just one man who’s trying to conduct 750 people everyday. He likes to keep everybody on edge so that they get bring their A-game to the set, you know?
Kristal: Absolutely.
Tyrese: I got a much better level of respect for him now after I worked for him. I understand the process. But for the most part, this is the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of. Last night, I went to go see the movie with my little brother and people were telling me that they’ve waited in line for six-seven hours to go see it.
Krystal: Wow…that is crazy. … So, were you a fan of the cartoon?
Tyrese: I did watch the cartoons, yes.
Kristal: Did you feel upstaged at all by the alien robots and special effects?
Tyrese: No, actually I didn’t. You know, we all have a role to play and as long as we stay in our lane, then everything’s gonna be special.
Kristal: [Laughs]
Tyrese: So, I had to do my part. Without me, the actors in the film and the robots wouldn’t have made any sense. I feel like a well-paid accessory.
Kristal: [Laughs]
Tyrese: I want you to see the movie. Have you seen it already?
Kristal: No, I haven’t seen it at all.
Tyrese: Ohhh…you gotta go see it today.
Kristal: Today…well, maybe I’ll go take my little brother to go see it.
Tyrese: You should do that. The special effects are groundbreaking. I think the special effects in this movie are going to win a few Oscars. I just like all the things that have to do with the Transformers. Sometimes when you see special effects in movies, they like to have things going on that’s far away that you can’t really see up close. But to see the special effects in Transformers and be so close to the screen, you can see things moving and it’s just crazy. It’s mind-blowing stuff.
Kristal: Wow … that’s awesome. So, tell me about the character you play in Transformers. How did you get involved in the film?
Tyrese: Well, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg invited me, and I just kinda showed up. You know, It’s much more pressure to get invited to be a part of a movie versus having to be in an audition.
Kristal: Oh, absolutely.
Tyrese: It’s like they're all looking at me wondering so what’s he gonna do?
Kristal: Absolutely. It’s a lot of pressure. As we all know, you’re a man of many talents—you’re a successful actor, recording artist, and songwriter. What’s your focus these days? Are you primarily focusing on your films or your music career or trying to do both equally? And how difficult is it to divide your time to do different kinds of projects?
Tyrese: You know what? I look at myself as an octopus: I got a lot of different arms.
Kristal: [Laughs] Oh yeah? That’s a good analogy.
Tyrese: I can have my hands in a lot of different places. I’m just able to do a lot of things. It’s like having one brain and a lot of arms. I just like to stay busy. I love keeping busy, and I love trying to figure out ways to change the game. I also love the fact that I’ve taken on the responsibility of hope. I love the fact that little kids can get up and do something with their life because they see me doing so many things. There are kids out there looking at me and saying that they want to be like Tyrese, and I hold that with regard. I love that, and I try my best to walk down the right path so that kids have more to reach for.
Kristal: Are you involved in any charity organizations or anything of that nature?
Tyrese: Absolutely. I’ve been raising money to help build the state-of-the-art Boys and Girls Youth Center out in the city of Watts [in California]. Let me give you an example of hope: I got a little brother that’s 14 and right now, he already started his first company. It’s called Gibson Water & Co. Basically, he’s on the corner right now in Riverside [in California], where it’s hot as hell right now, and he’s selling water, Gatorade and Vitamin Water. He’s with a few coolers on the corner. Yesterday was his first day on the job, and he made about $195.
Kristal: Wow. I wouldn’t expect that from somebody who’s 14 …
Tyrese: Exactly. Here it is Fourth of July weekend—or week I should say—and everybody’s in town to visit their families and you got people waiting at the light and they’re thirsty. So, he’s out there making a killer [earning]and all the money is his. He told me, "Hey, man, I want some fireworks." And I said, "If you want some fireworks, you gotta buy ‘em yourself." So, now he’s motivated to get what he wants, but he’s gonna work for it. You know what I’m saying?
Kristal: Yeah, definitely. So, this is little off topic here. but, do you prefer big budget action films to dramas, and what roles or kind of projects would you like to explore that you haven’t yet in the future?
Tyrese: I just want to do projects that me and my team consider to be great projects. A lot of people that win Oscars aren’t necessarily in $200 million budget [films], you know? So, I just wanna go after the right projects. If you do a series of bad projects, then that’ll be your last project.
Kristal: So what can we expect from Tyrese in the future?
Tyrese: Well, I am in an R&B group now.
Kristal: Really!?!
Tyrese: Yeah.
Kristal: What’s the name of the group?
Tyrese: It’s called TGT. It stands for Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank.
Kristal: Ginuwine and Tank’s in it too? Oh, wow! I really like their music. When’s the album coming out?
Tyrese: December. In December, we’re doing a tour called The Shirts Off Tour.
Kristal: Okay…. [giggles]
Tyrese: TGT made an announcement recently that when we do this tour, we’re putting a ban on all men from attending the concerts.
Kristal: [laughs] Well, you know, if you need any women in the audience, I know a couple of Divas who would not say no to an invitation…so…
Tyrese: I got you covered. You just let me know what you need, and it’s done.
Kristal: Hey, no problem. I’ll be there front row … I’ll keep my shirt on, but you can definitely take yours off. How ‘bout that?
Tyrese: Absolutely. We’re gonna do our part.
Kristal: That sounds good. How many times have people come to you and asked you to sing “Lately?”
Tyrese: Well, I just did it the other day at a wedding. People got a lot of favorite songs. Whatever song they love, they want to hear it and they make their requests.
Kristal: Tyrese, could you sing a little bit of that for me? Please.
Tyrese: Sing what? “Lately?” Okay. You ready?
Kristal: I’m ready.
Tyrese then sings, to Kristal's delight.
Kristal: Thank you so much, that made my day!
Tyrese: You’re welcome.
Kristal: I’m a huge fan, and you also got a lot of fans here at the WWE. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. So, God bless and only positive things for you and your future.
Tyrese: Thank you very much. It means a lot.
Kristal: Aww … you’re welcome very much. I’ll talk to you soon.
Tyrese: Okay, take care. Bye-bye.
Kristal: Bye.

Lashley the number 1 contender for the wwe championship

The job of being a WWE Superstar isn’t always associated with a time clock, where the Superstars punch in and out for their “shifts.” On Raw, however, punching the clock was the name of the game, as it was Beat the Clock night in the American Airlines Center.
Four Superstars scrambled to win their match in the fastest time, with the successful Superstar earning a golden opportunity: a chance to face John Cena for the WWE Championship at The Great American Bash on July 22. When all was said and done, time was on Bobby Lashley’s side, as it was he who beat the clock and walked out of Dallas as Cena’s opponent in the Bash clash.
As Raw went on the air, Lashley, King Booker, Mr. Kennedy and Randy Orton made their case as to why they should be the No. 1 contender to Cena’s gold. With Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman away, he placed William Regal in charge, and it was the former WWE Commissioner who came out to make the Beat the Clock announcement.
Orton had the first crack at establishing the time to beat, thanks to his “seniority on Raw,” but had the tough task of facing former Intercontinental and World Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy to do so. In a hard-fought battle, the Legend Killer scored a victory thanks to a vicious RKO, establishing the time to beat at 7:06.
Next up was King Booker, who had to take on another former Intercontinental and World Tag Team Champion, Val Venis. In his first solo match since being drafted to Raw, His Highness proved why he is one of the most decorated Superstars in WWE. The King smashed Orton’s time, downing Venis in 4:30 to set a new benchmark.
Mr. Kennedy was up next, and tried to bargain his way into assured victory. Kennedy’s aim was to set a new record for fastest match in WWE history, so he tried to convince opponent Super Crazy to help him out.
“I need to face John Cena at The Great American Bash. So if you go into the ring and lay down for me,” Kennedy proposed, “maybe we can work something out. Perhaps I can slip a few pesos your way.”
Super Crazy seemed to agree, but ultimately, Kennedy’s plan backfired. As Kennedy began his own ring introduction, the Insane Luchador rolled up the brash Raw newcomer for the surprising pinfall, knocking Kennedy out of the running and leaving King Booker’s time as the one to beat with only one Superstar left.
This development sent The King into bargaining mode. After finding out that Shelton Benjamin would be Lashley’s opponent, King Booker promised Benjamin that if he could survive five minutes with Lashley, he would be rewarded with the first opportunity at the gold should The King go on to defeat Cena.
Shelton agreed, but Lashley had different plans. With a nervous King watching from the locker room, Benjamin did everything he could to go the distance. Unfortunately, with about 30 seconds left, Lashley clobbered the former Minnesota Golden Gopher with a thunderous spear. The pinfall was academic, and Lashley won the match in 4:06 to beat the clock and earn the championship match at The Bash.
That wasn’t the end of his night, however. After beating the clock, Lashley stood face-to-face with Cena to officially sign the contract. Mr. Kennedy and King Booker then charged the ring in protest, with Cena and Lashley banding together to fight them off. But once the threat was thwarted, all alliances were called off as Lashley rocked The Champ with a thunderous spear!
Lashley then stood over Cena as Raw came to a close, holding the WWE Championship aloft and motioning that it would soon be around his powerful waist. While Cena and Lashley seemed to be on friendly terms before then, the two-time former ECW World Champion proved that all bets are off when the WWE Championship is at stake…meaning that The Great American Bash will be a battle no one will ever forget.

Return of the Game (Triple HHH) on monday night RAW

In addition to crowning a new Intercontinental Champion and lining up John Cena’s next challenger for the WWE Championship, Raw’s highlights also included clips from Triple H’s arduous road to recovery from a torn right quadriceps. Although The Game wasn’t there in person, just seeing the 10-time World Champion back on the TitanTron screen had many of our fans at the American Airlines Center buzzing.
“When The Game returns, he’s putting WWE on notice,” predicted Jack Sanhall of Irving, Texas. “Look at what he accomplished after coming back from injury in 2002 — he not only won the WWE Title a fifth time, he became a five-time World Heavyweight Champion as well. There’s no way anyone will stop Triple H from becoming an 11-time World Champion.”
“Those Triple H promos have made my week,” stated Red Oak resident Ann-Marie Nuhaltz. “Now I only need Shawn Michaels to come back too. I’d love to see those two in the ring again.”
No one knows the condition of HBK, who at Judgment Day last May suffered a potential career-ending concussion at the hands — and boot — of Randy Orton. Dallas local Victor Flores thinks that alone should provide extra incentive for the returning Game, who last January tore his right quad while he and Michaels battled Orton and Edge at New Year’s Revolution.
“Personally, I think he should stop off at SmackDown first,” Flores said. “That way, he can kick the crap out of Edge, then go back to Raw and get some revenge against Orton. That ought to be his first priority; let ’em all know that you can’t get away with hurting the Cerebral Assassin or his friends.”
Back in March, Triple H informed that his rehabilitation had been progressing so well that he hoped a SummerSlam return was feasible. Judging from the video shown on Raw Monday night, the Biggest Party of the Summer might become the homecoming site for one of WWE’s greatest Superstars.
“I think Triple H will go after The Champ [Cena],” said Waxahachie-based WWE fan Rod Williams, “but I also want to see him go after some of Raw’s new guys, like Snitsky or Kennedy. Definitely Kennedy; somebody needs to shut that guy up, big-time.”
Good point. So good, in fact, that asks Williams how he thinks The Game might fare against Bobby Lashley. “Wow, that would be good,” the teen replied enthusiastically. “Lashley’s one of my favorites, and I hope he’s right about what he said tonight — that he won’t be an uncrowned champion much longer. If Lashley can beat Cena at The Great American Bash, putting him in the ring against Triple H would make a great WWE Title Match…maybe one of the best.”
For now, inside sources either can’t or won’t confirm exactly when Triple H will make his return. However, as the sold-out American Airlines Center crowd demonstrated on Raw Monday night, one thing is certain: Once it is time again to play The Game, our fans are going to enjoy every moment of it.
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